noviembre 26, 2004


Does anyone know of a company that does free web hosting?

That is, I have a few domain names that I would like to host...but they aren't worth paying $8 or so a month to host.

Popups would be okay, as would banner long as it's not ridiculous.

noviembre 24, 2004

New auction site

BusinessPundit writes up Jonathan Ruff's new auction site, Jittery.

How do you compete with eBay? I can't imagine how he thinks he will get the traffic, but good luck to him. He seems to have a number of interesting ideas.

noviembre 23, 2004


A friend of mine got married recently. At the reception, I asked him if he'd seen the NBA brawl involving Ron Artest, the Pacers and the Pistons. He said he had, and in fact had stayed up a few extra hours watching replays of the brawl...instead of going to sleep before his wedding day.

I dream of having that sort of customer loyalty.

noviembre 22, 2004


The other day I flew Northwest. I was hungry and it was a long flight. They didn't offer me food, but instead offered airplane food for $5.

I probably won't fly Northwest again, unless their price is considerably lower.

noviembre 21, 2004

Travelling again

Nonetheless, I can't believe how little I've blogged in the past couple weeks.

I'll get back on that horse.