diciembre 26, 2004

Malcolm Gladwell has a new book on the way

The author who inspired the current viral marketing/customer evangelism/whatever-else-people-are-calling-it is coming out with a new book: Blink.

Malcolm Gladwell, whose first book The Tipping Point was a surprise bestseller, is now seeking to understand how people make snap judgments.

From a review
Utilizing case studies as diverse as speed dating, pop music, and the shooting of Amadou Diallo, Gladwell reveals that what we think of as decisions made in the blink of an eye are much more complicated than assumed. Drawing on cutting-edge neuroscience and psychology, he shows how the difference between good decision-making and bad has nothing to do with how much information we can process quickly, but on the few particular details on which we focus.
If the book is anything like The Tipping Point, it will be well-written and provoking. Which I think is really all anyone can ask for in a business book.

Blink's release date? January 11th, 2005.