agosto 31, 2004

Dealing with partners

In my new venture, I have a partner. I don't know him very well, but I trust him about as much as I can trust someone I just recently met.

So far, I've done alot more of the work load than he has. Much of this is due to the nature of the work. Still, I've sorta assigned something relatively simple to him just recently, and no real results yet.

Now I'm not complaining yet. He seems committed -- it's something he's been kicking around for awhile. And he sorta quit his (good) job to do this yesterday.

I may just be impatient about this since it's the first real thing for him to do, plus we both have expressed our desire to hurry. So I guess that makes me ponder whether he has the commitment (he is a quasi-socialist after all) , and business relationships overall.

This venture was his idea and I feel lucky to get the opportunity. My partner had mentioned it to me in passing and I thought it was worth exploring. It mushroomed from there.

We're set to file our LLC papers soon, based on an LLC operating agreement template that I found on the web and modified. It may be somewhat risky to go into business with someone without having fully thought through and codified our responsibilities...but there's always time to revisit the issue later. Easier said than done though, I'm sure.

I suppose there is alot more I could write that would head off some inevitable (and logical) questions from any readers. But I'll leave it here.