septiembre 16, 2004

Amazon search engine?

I'm not sure how I missed it, but I hadn't heard of Amazon's new search engine until today when I saw it at BusinessPundit. BusinessWeek has an article on it.

Two things I find particularly interesting:
1. Everyone is getting into search. Microsoft is planning their own google competitor, and the BW article suggests that Ebay is as well. Of course, Amazon is using Google's database as the basis for their search engine, but will probably apply it slightly different ways so that each gives you slightly different results.

Everyone is spending alot of money on search, when profits are only now beginning to be made.

2. will have one of the functions that is great about Amazon: it suggests new sites for you to visit based on your search history. Now, I find it a little creepy that amazon would keep track of my search results...I like my privacy. But I also like the idea of having new sites suggested to me.