septiembre 18, 2004

Apprentice blogging

Donald Trump annoys me. So much so that I try not to watch the Apprentice. But I admit that Burnette is good at making storylines, and so I ended up watching the latest episode of the Apprentice that my girlfriend tivo'd.

This episode underscored for me why I don't like Trump. He's a jerk, arrogant and self-centered. His first loyalty is always to himself. Honestly, it surprises me that someone who apparently values others and relationships as low as he does has been so successful.

I'd already read Jeremy's post on this episode, so I already knew the outcome, but could hardly believe it. In fact, that may be why I ended up watching the whole thing, because I had to know how it evolved this way.

Look, I don't think I would have done what Bradford did -- waive my exemption not to be fired -- but I think he could have defended himself better. I think you can make a case that Bradford was trying to promote himself as someone who doesn't want to win on a technicality. He wants to win on his own merits, which so far were substantial**. So, because there was such a miniscule chance of his being fired, he was willing to take that chance in order to build an image now of someone who gets results and doesn't want to win on technicalities. That could potentially pay off in the long run, and this is technically a winner-take-all game.

In effect it isn't a winner-take-all game though, because of the tv coverage. There's certainly value in having the potential to create a brand out of your self (such as Troy or even Omarosa), so if I were playing the game I'd try hard to make it to the end, but winning wouldn't really concern me. After all, I don't want to work for Trump. That's the last thing in the world I would want.

Trump has written that he is very risk-adverse (mildly ironic for a casino owner), so perhaps he doesn't like this.

I think Bradford could have and should have defended himself better, but I think it is divorced from reality for Trump to say that Bradford's action was a major mistake. It's a game, Donald, and as long as he can assume you won't turn on him for taking a risk, then I think it's an acceptable risk.

So who knows, maybe I'll end up watching more episodes intermittently like I did last year. I think I ended up watching four episodes, including the finale. But I hate supporting Trump in any way.