septiembre 05, 2004

Branding of a different sort.

An interesting look at the Joe Gibbs brand:
When the Washington Redskins play at home this season, the sideline in front of the bench will not be the only piece of turf at FedEx Field controlled by Joe Gibbs. Joe Gibbs Racing has leased a 24-seat luxury suite at the stadium to entertain sponsors, fans and assorted VIPs to generate marketing opportunities for his successful NASCAR team.

The convergence of Gibbs's renewed role as football coach and his ongoing business interests outside the game has been generating a financial and marketing windfall for the Redskins, Gibbs's family and his NASCAR corporate sponsors since he announced in January that he was returning to the NFL after an 11-year absence.

The Redskins' coach is at the center of a marketing blitz this season for companies as diverse of Wix oil filters, Cintas uniforms, Interstate Batteries and Home Depot, each of which has ties to his family's NASCAR operation.
. . . .

Many NFL head coaches have cashed in on their fame by building side careers as entrepreneurs and corporate promoters. But the scale of Gibbs's side business interests in which he has parlayed his coaching success into a lucrative second career as a NASCAR team owner and corporate backer is unique. "When all is said and done, what Gibbs has done is build himself into one of the most successful personal brands in the [sports] business," said David M. Carter, a principal at the Sports Business Group, a consulting firm in Los Angeles. "Joe Gibbs is not just a NASCAR personality and not just a football personality, but he is one of the most well-branded individuals in this country's sports industry."

. . . .

Gibbs has been around business opportunities for decades, starting with several get-rich-quick schemes that Gibbs documented in his book, "Racing to Win." Gibbs lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in several investments from racquetball courts to real estate, dating from the 1970s. It took years for him to dig out from under those setbacks.

By all accounts, Gibbs Racing is a success. Gibbs started the NASCAR racing team in 1991 with help from Miller and funding from Gibbs's speeches for the Washington Speakers Bureau. His racing team is considered one of the best-run in NASCAR and returns several million dollars a year, according to J.D. Gibbs. The family plows most of the profits from Gibbs Racing back into the business, which includes 240 employees, two airplanes and a state-of-the-art race shop in North Carolina.