septiembre 26, 2004

One of the few things (I think) I know about women...

Gordon Smith writes:
Our 19th anniversary is on Monday, but we will not have much of a chance to do anything, so this is part of our anniversary celebration. My wife is the funnest, most interesting person I know, so today undoubtedly will be memorable.

P.S. I noticed that GM gave away 276 cars to celebrate Oprah's 19th season. I haven't thought much about the appropriate gift for #19. Any suggestions?
Yes, I have one. Never admit that you waited until two days before the anniversary to think about her anniversary present. If I were the professor, I'd delete the post right now.

On a more substantive note, my father taught me a very valuable lesson: never get a woman you love anything practical. I have found that jewelry is wonderfully impractical.