septiembre 10, 2004

Selling wine samples

Via John Moore:
At Tuscany Market, a "gourmet market and eatery
located in north Austin, shoppers can sample one-ounce tasters of 32 red and white wines through the first computerized wine sampling system of its kind in the United States, reports Dale Rice in the Austin American Statesman (9/8/04). Tuscany co-owner Mike Sattler says, "There are a lot of times I would like to buy a bottle of wine that's a little more expensive, but I'm afraid to get it home and find I don't like it. This creates the ability for people to taste wine, experience it, learn, and go."

I may have to go check this out.

I'm not surprised at the success of the idea. There's definitely many young professionals who want to become more wine savvy. And the only way to acquire that savviness is to drink a wide selection of wine.

A great idea. I wonder if this would be possible to turn into a bar, rather than a super market. A nice upscale, romantic date spot/married couple spot.