octubre 15, 2004

Samuel Adams a Ukrainian?

Director Mitch writes of a story that claims Samuel Adams was Ukrainian.

I know the claim is all in good fun -- I think so, anyway -- so I don't know why I have to be the spoilsport. But what can I say, I am a spoilsport.

Research does not suggest that Samuel Adams was a Ukrainian:
ADAMS, Samuel, born in Boston, Massachusetts, 27 September 1722; died there, 2 October 1803. Among the grandsons of Henry Adams, the emigrant from Devonshire, were Joseph Adams, of Braintree, and John Adams, of Boston, a sea captain. The former was grandfather of President John Adams; the latter was grandfather of Samuel Adams, the statesman. The second son of Captain John Adams, born 6 May 1689, was named Samuel, and in 1713 married Mary Fifield. Of their twelve children, only two, besides the illustrious Samuel, survived their father. The elder Samuel Adams was a man of wealth and influence, tie owned a large estate on Purchase Street, with a noble mansion fronting on the harbor, and here the younger Samuel Adams was born.
I could be wrong, but I don't think there is a Devonshire in the Ukraine.