noviembre 05, 2004

Probably last Vegas post

When you've been to Vegas for the first time, it makes you think. As I wrote yesterday, they turned one simple idea -- legal gambling -- into a huge enterprise. Today Las Vegas is a booming metropolis, but it has no industry. It is mainly populated by the people who work at casinos and the entrepreneurs who offer services to those who work at casinos. Plus some retirees who like warm weather, low cost of living, and gambling.

My guess is that Vegas provides an excellent opportunity for lower middle class of the West to get middle class service jobs. Then they have kids and the kids have the opportunity for social mobility. Given my experience, this seems particularly true for immigrants.

A couple of the suburbs looked pretty cute. I thought Henderson and Boulder City looked like a nice place to live. They were cute, suburban, and not far from some beautiful views. Living in the mountains is fun.

What I wasn't fond of: being a single guy on the street, you get mobbed by people trying to give you cards for hookers. I'm smart enough to not take things from people on the street.

I also had four different occasions on the street late at night of black guys my age walking up to me and saying in a low voice "chronic, man, chronic." Yeah... I've never done drugs and I don't think now is the time to start, buddy.

The glitz was also underwhelming to me, perhaps because I had my expectations raised by so many other people. I have to say's amusing that even the McDonalds and Motel6 have neon flashing signs.