noviembre 09, 2004


I know that this blog focuses mainly on business and related topics. But I still have to brag on my Astros, even if I am the ultimate fair weather fan.

I'll let the article say it all:
At 42, Roger Clemens is the oldest Cy Young winner and an unprecedented seven-time honoree. The right-hander won the award six times in the American League — three with the Boston Red Sox, two with the Toronto Blue Jays and one with the New York Yankees.

With this latest honor, Clemens is the only player to win BBWAA postseason awards with four teams. His eight trophies, including the 1986 AL Most Valuable Player award, are the most for any player or manager. He joins Gaylord Perry, Pedro Martinez and Randy Johnson as Cy Young winners in both leagues.

After pitching for the Yankees in the 2003 World Series, Clemens posted an 18-4 record and 2.98 ERA to help the Astros qualify for the playoffs, resulting in them coming within a victory of reaching the World Series for the first time in franchise history.
Clemens is a hometown Houston boy.