abril 01, 2010

Europa League games today

Benfica vs Liverpool
Fulham vs Wolfsburg
Hamburg vs Standard Liege
Valencia vs. Atletico Madrid

I wasn't too sure how this new incarnation of the UEFA Cup would turn out, but this is a pretty solid matchup on all sides. Standard Liege, though it has lost some good players recently including Belgium's Marouane Fellaini and US' Oguchi Onyewu, is still a quality side that should give Hamburg a decent run.

Fulham is in form and got a decent draw against Wolfsburg. A well balanced tie, I assume.

Benfica vs. Liverpool is obviously a good matchup. Given Liverpool's status it will probably be the televised match around the world.

But Valencia v Atletico is pretty similarly fascinating, and features some strikers we'll see in South Africa this summer.

All in all, can't wait to go watch some football.