septiembre 22, 2004


Will Baude writes:
To be sure, I can hardly complain about the presence of lipstick that I don't notice.
That, of course, is by and large the key to successful makeup: a girl frequently looks best when it appears she isn't wearing any.

Like Will, I'm not a fan of girls who wear too much makeup. All the concealer and foundation isn't going to change your features, but some girls seem to think it will. Unlike Will, I do think there is a place for makeup.

There are some girls who have pretty eyes, but somehow these eyes are lost in their facial features. The right eyeshadow -- properly applied -- can help highlight and complement some pairs of eyes.

Makeup be an effective form of signaling. A girl who is noticably not wearing any makeup is putting out a certain vibe that she isn't interested in her appearance. That can lead potential suitors to assume that she is not interested in their biddings. So, if she's noticably not wearing any makeup, then she's not playing by the rules of society.

And by not playing by the rules, a girl holds herself back from certain opportunities. I certainly can't cite any studies, but I'm willing to wager that the average professional woman who noticably never wears makeup is handicapping her career. Because she's not playing by "the rules," she's probably more likely to be attributed negative characteristics, suchas standoffish and cold.