septiembre 22, 2004

Browser wars: Google's army mustering for battle?

According to the New York Post, Google has hired a bunch of people from Microsoft and other tech companies who have worked on programs like Internet Explorer, Java, etc. It also includes this nugget:
Last month, Google hosted Mozilla Developer Day on its campus, a gathering of programmers that work together to build sequels to the re-named Netscape browser. Mozilla, which is "open source" and available to anyone, could be shaped to Google's specifications and be embedded with Google search, Gmail free e-mail and other Google applications.

And in fact, on April 26, 2004, Google registered

It makes sense, too. Microsoft is said to be developing their own search engine. If the next version of Windows sets IE7's homepage to be the new Microsoft search, then Google could be in trouble. So, from Google's standpoint, why not take the battle to Microsoft's home turf? Or at least Google can posture like they're going to compete, in an attempt to scare Microsoft away. (This seems unlikely to work. Microsoft doesn't scare easily.)

And of course, I've used Google for awhile, but I'm beginning to ponder a switch to Yahoo or MSN. They're both returning better results than Google lately.

One fly in the ointment: there's apparently already a gbrowser, who might have claim to the trademark.