septiembre 22, 2004

The story that never ends

Where will Major League Baseball move the Montreal Expos? Apparently the new frontrunner is a DC site on the SE part of town.

Lots of politicians have been pushing very hard for a Capital metro area team, and they don't seem to care about where. There's also other locations under consideration by MLB (Las Vegas, Norfolk, Portland, Ore., and Monterrey, Mexico), but they seem to like the DC area as a first choice, even though Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos is deadset against a DC team.

Initially DC looked like the frontrunner, then that fell through. DC City Council doesn't seem to support the project strongly. According the article, 4 are for, 3 against, and 4 undecided. That's better than previous numbers I've seen.

Arlington and Alexandria were frontrunners at one time, but no longer. Residents didn't want the traffic hassle.

Until very recently, a site over by the Dulles Airport in Loudon County (a bit further out, and not as much of a competition for Angelos' Orioles)