abril 07, 2010

Considering Everton

When Landon Donovan arrived at Everton, they were in the relegation zone. Somehow they've had a crazy few 3 months won a bunch of matches and show up after a week in April with a chance at the Europa League.

Currently 5th and 6th are occupied by Tottenham and Liverpool with 58 and 55, while Aston Villa is just slightly behind with 54. Everton has 50.

Aston Villa and Tottenham have only played 32 games, however, while Liverpool and Everton have both played 33. Manchester City, with 59 points, has also played 32 games and has the pole position for the Champions League.

On Wednesday the 14th, Everton plays at Aston Villa, followed by Blackburn away, Everton at home, Stoke away and Portsmouth at home.

Aston Villa has Everton at home, Portsmouth away, Hull at home, Birmingham at home, Manchester City away and Blackburn at home.

If you were to bet, I'd still put money on Liverpool and Tottenham making the Europa League, but it's not impossible to see Everton in there but it will likely come down to whether Everton and Aston Villa can get a result in a week.