abril 06, 2010

Leo Messi! Messi! Lionel Messi! Messi!

Some variation of his name 4 times. Why? For the four goals he scored in beating Arsenal today. Obviously a great result for Barcelona. Arsenal is a dangerous club, as they showed by being up 3-2 in aggregate after 110 minutes of the 180 minute two leg match.

In some ways, Arsenal is the perfect team for Messi to face. They attack and play possession (and truthfully, due to injuries were without their 3 best attacking players). That means Messi will frequently find himself with space. Arsenal would never ever shame themselves like Chelsea did in last year's Champions League semis where Chelsea packed 11 men into the penalty area and basically put up a tent. And while Arsenal should be commended, it is true that it leaves them vulnerable to master class displays from Messi.

Barcelona will face Inter Milan in the Champions League semi-finals. But first, they have Real Madrid this Saturday...in Madrid at the Bernabeu.