abril 08, 2010

Europa league second leg games

I thought they didn't disappoint. I lost the feed of the Fulham Wolfsburg game, but scoring in the first minute pretty much sealed the game. I didn't get to see much of it, but what I saw was exciting. It was going to be very much an uphill battle for the Bundesliga champs after Zamora grabbed the first minute away goal though.

I ended up watching the Atletico Madrid Valencia second half. Great game. The ref made some very curious decisions though. An Atletico defender grabbed Vigic as he was going up for a header that would almost certainly have been a goal...and he ripped his shirt wide open. Yet somehow no penalty? Amazing. On the other hand, the linesman a few minutes before called offsides of Kun Aguero when Aguero was very clearly onsides. He had a one on one with the goalie with all kinds of time that would have definitely been a goal. Strangely the ref gave Aguero a yellow card for leaving the pitch slowly in the final minute, which means that Aguero will miss the next game.

Hamburg SV will play Fulham and Liverpool will face Atletico Madrid.