abril 14, 2010

Rafa Benitez to Juventus?

Juventus claim to be 90% confident of picking up Rafael Benitez. But the Spaniard is also pretty heavily talked about for the not-yet-vacant tecnico spot at Real Madrid. Everyone assumes that chilean Manuel Pellegrini will get the ax after 250 million euros in spending and no championships, even if it was only a year.

Juventus is historically a big club. The scandal a few years back obviously hurt, but Juve have reportedly offered Benitez 10 days to decide if he wants to join them and their 70 million euro transfer budget.

So Benitez is in a funny place: he might get fired after this season at Liverpool anyway. He could rebuff Juve now and hope for Madrid (or Chelsea or Inter etc). He could hope to stick it out with Liverpool. We'll see. Right now I'm tempted to think that he heads to Juventus...but the relative blahness of Italian football may keep him out.