abril 03, 2010

Leo Messi has room to improve

That's scary, I know. But it's true. Leo Messi could probably double his goal scoring this year if he would increase his conversion rate.

Leo Messi plays football a bit like it's futsal. Futsal is much less about striking the ball past the goalie than flicking it by the goalie. The goal is so small that the goalie always has a chance.

For such a prolific goalscorer, Leo Messi is rather profligate in front of the goal. He creates so many great chances that he can afford to cavalierly let more go to waste than others.

Today's goal against Atletico Bilbao was a great example. He'd already had some excellent chances that he hadn't converted. Pedro got the ball on the right in space. Messi saw the run and cut in front of his defender so sharply that the defender fell down. The ball arrived to Messi at the six yard box in the middle of the goal, with no one within a few yards of him. He one touch deflected it on goal, right at the keeper. It happened to nutmeg the goalie before striking his back leg on the way into the net. I don't think that's what Messi was aiming for.

It's crazy, I know, but I think if Messi works on his finishing he could be scoring tons more goals.