abril 03, 2010

This week's English Premier League action

I watched everything but the first 15 minutes of the Manchester United versus Chelsea game. There's little doubt that Chelsea was the better side today. Even so, there's also no doubt that Drogba was offside on the 2nd goal that put them up 2-0 and ended up being the difference maker in a 2-1 win that may decide who wins the Premiership. I thought Chelsea goalie Petr Cech looked very shaky on crosses. It was no surprise that Man U ended up scoring on what was arguably a Cech misplay.

And even though Chelsea won, I thought Chelsea's defense looked extremely unorganized at times. Although I'm happy Man U lost and is now behind, Chelsea's defense is unimpressive. They have the advantage going forward, and they are already out of the Champions League so they can focus on the league...with the exception of the FA Cup Final next weekend. Of their 5 games left, 3 are at home (Bolton, Wigan, Stoke) and they shouldn't drop points. The two away games are Tottenham and Liverpool, both of whom will be very motivated to try and crack that 4th Champions League spot.

As for Man U, midfield possession just wasn't impressive. When Park has more offensive spark than Berbatov, you know you have problems. Rooney has really become indispensable for them, and with Rooney I think they'd have found a victory. They have Blackburn, Man City and Sunderland away, while Tottenham and Stoke at home. Obviously the Manchester derby at Man City is going to be a huge game. Carlos Tevez has been scoring goals and would love to score another couple against Ferguson.

I saw most of the Arsenal v Wolverhampton tie. Arsenal won it in the final minute on a Bendtner header. They definitely deserved the win, and it was necessary to keep them in contention. While they have Barcelona away on Tuesday, after that they have Tottenham, Wigan, and Blackburn away, with Man City and Fulham at home. They have to beat Tottenham next weekend to stay alive as title contenders, I think.

Tottenham and Man City's performance may not only determine who goes to Champions League, it may determine who is crowned champion. It would be pretty sweet for Carlos Tevez to deny Ferguson a title.